Our mission is to promote commitment to and respect for all animals and free them from suffering, abuse and exploitation.

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The mission of the Houston SPCA is to promote commitment to and respect for all animals and free them from suffering, abuse and exploitation.

The Houston SPCA is committed to accepting all animals in need and giving them a second chance at life.

The Houston SPCA is an open-door shelter that provides services to more than 100,000 animals a year including dogs, cats, and small mammals like guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits as well as horses, cows, goats, pigs and other farm animals and native wildlife.

The Houston SPCA is also the only shelter in the Greater Gulf Coast area with the ability to provide humane, temporary shelter to big cats like lions and tigers and other exotic animals.

The Houston SPCA is a 501 (c)(3) and a careful steward of funds with more than 83 years of fiscal responsibility.  86% of all monies go to program services.

The Houston SPCA adopts more animals into loving, permanent, responsible homes than all other area shelters combined.  

The Houston SPCA reaches approximately 20,000 children through its humane education program and helps children and adults develop compassion, a sense of justice, and respect for all living creatures.

Eight full-time, highly trained men and women investigate more than 14,000 cases of animal abuse and neglect each year.  The work of the Cruelty Investigations team is featured nationally on Animal Planet’s: “Animal Cops  Houston” television show.

The Houston SPCA is the ONLY agency that provides an injured animal ambulance and rescue service 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The PetSafe program provides free temporary boarding, minor medical care, vaccinations and spaying or neutering to pets of families fleeing domestic violence and seeking a safe haven in area shelters.  The Houston SPCA believes that wherever people are at risk…animals are also at risk.  This program helps save the lives of the families who might be reluctant to leave a pet behind with a batterer and saves the lives of the pets they cherish.  The Houston SPCA is the ONLY agency working with human service agencies to save lives.

All animals are spayed or neutered prior to placement. 

The Houston SPCA is recognized by the local chapter of The American Red Cross, the City of Houston, and local law enforcement as the lead agency providing relief to animals during a disaster.

The Houston SPCA offers a free pet loss support group to people experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.  This is the only free service of its kind in the greater Gulf Coast area.

Hundreds of orphaned, sick or injured animals receive temporary shelter, love, and care in volunteer foster homes before placement.  The Houston SPCA also fosters healthy adoptable animals, instead of euthanizing them, when space is needed for incoming dogs, cats, and small mammals.  When space becomes available, these healthy adoptables are returned and placed into loving permanent homes! 

The Houston SPCA is the only shelter in the greater Gulf Coast region with a full-time, university-trained animal behavior specialist on staff.  The HSPCA Animal Behavior Specialist works with shelter staff to evaluate the temperaments of all incoming animals in order to make the perfect match with potential adopters.  The Houston SPCA also offers dog training classes at a low cost to potential adopters and their new canine friends as well as the general public.

The Houston SPCA is funded entirely through private donations, foundation gifts and grants, bequests, and endowment income.

The Houston SPCA has more than 500 active volunteers donating 52,000 hours of time annually.

Animal Cops: Houston, the national television show seen on Animal Planet, goes on call with eight investigators from the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HSPCA) as they fight to combat cruelty across two and a half thousand square miles of Texas.

The Houston SPCA believes that all animals deserve a chance at life in a loving, permanent home and will work tirelessly until there is a home available to every animal in need and euthanasia is necessary only as an escape from suffering, or for the protection of people and other animals.



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