A boy named TAJ

A boy named TAJ
A boy named TAJ

Taj is my foster baby via Austin Pets Alive. I pulled him from the city shelter with moments to spare before his deadline. 9 days later, Taj and I were in a serious car accident. Taj got nervous and scared and darted. He has been missing since..

I am volunteer with Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) here in Austin where I live. I foster rescue dogs for them. Working in animal rescue is my passion.
On Jan 16th 2105, I brought home a sweet dog whom I decided to call TAJ (Hindi word for crown). TAJ is a 2 year old 75-lb Pit bull/ Bull mastiff mix. He was on the ATTENTION list at Austin Animal Center because he has severe demodex mange (non-contagious) and is extremely underweight. So the city shelter placed him on the ATTN list as soon as they took them in. The APA! clinic started his treatment immediately and placed him on a 14 day course of Cephelexin and a 12 week course of Ivermectin for the mange. I started him on a regimen of a high quality and high calorie diet comprising of grain-free dog food, fish oil supplements and multivitamins and lots of TLC.
Taj was in the car at the time of the wreck. When the car hit the median guard rail, the rear windshield shattered. Taj was nervous from the whole incident so he jumped out and darted to the opposite side of the road. I tried to chase after him but I was dizzy so I thre up and collapsed. A few hours later after he had calmed down, he came back to the crash site looking for me. Quite a few onlookers saw him just standing there and waiting for me to come get him. However, I was being evaluated for my injuries in the trauma room at the hospital. As soon as I was discharged from the hospital that very same day, I went looking for him.
It has been more than 2 weeks since that incident. Taj is still missing. I have canvassed that area of Alleyton - Eagle Lake - Columbus several times. I have dropped off/ put up flyers everywhere. I have contacted local rescues, animal control and other businesses. I even physically checked with the pounds in Eagle Lake, Columbus and Sealy and let flyers with them. But there's still no news on him. One person told me that on that day of the accident, they saw a dark blue SUV/ truck slow down on the south frontage road near I-10 E and FM 949 and Taj walk up to the car. No idea if he got into the vehicle.
If you find Taj or a dog that looks like him, please feel free to call/ text me on: 503-75-5976 or email: vyewle@gmail.com. I cannot wait for my sweet baby boy to come back home!

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