please help me find my daughters kitty

please help me find my daughters kitty
please help me find my daughters kitty

my Cat has been missing for two weeks

I have had my cat named LB for two years. He is the kindest, sweetest, Most lovable cat out there. He was two weeks old when his stray mom left him for being a runt on the coldest night of the year. He grew into a big beautiful ct. Two weeks ago I went out of town and a friend was watching him. He is an indoor/ outdoor cat. In at night and when its cold and rainy and out during the day when the weather is nice. She was putting food out for him every morning. And even though so never saw him the food was being eaten every night. So she thought it was him I have been home for over a week and have not seen him. He has a tag but He takes his collar off all the time. So he could have looked like a stray. But he is not. He is loved and missed. Please help me find him. He is gray, black. and white striped. And very fluffy. He will come to his name or at least does for me. He has a little hole in his ear from a cat fight. 

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