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We love hearing back from "Happy Adopters" sending us pictures and updates on their furry friends. Many of the stories are touching and really prove why the "Adoption Option" is the only way to go.  We wanted to share some of those stories with you and you can see them posted below.

Do you have a "Happy Adopter" story to share?  Email us at info@HoustonSPCA.org.



Nine years ago on June 20, 2002 we adopted Daphne Gomez from the Houston SPCA to be a pal to our son who was two at the time. She instantly became a family member & pretty much rules the house to this day. I remember her foster Momma crying when she passed her to us & I just knew we were getting a special little spirit. The love & laughter she has brought to our lives has been abundant. Even though nine years have passed since our adoption, we'd like you to know that we still thank you so much for all the great work the organization does to bring people & pets together.

The Gomez Family


We adopted “Hot Stuff” on 4/19/11. We want to let you know how GREAT he is! We named him Jesse. He was taken from an abusive/neglected situation on Animal Cops Houston.  He loves our dog Joslyn (Shih Tzu). They are very close and are about the same age. Although he is twice her size, he is very gentle with her when they play.  He is spoiled rotten and very sweet. He loves everyone! He enjoys visiting with friends, neighbors, other dogs, etc. and really likes to ride in the car. He sleeps in my bed with Joslyn and keeps her company while I am at work. Thank you for all the work that you do saving so many wonderful animals! I don’t know what we would do without him. He seems to appreciate his new life with us. What at happy ending to the sad life he had before. He deserves it! Thanks again!



Meet Nellie, one of the Rottweiler’s rescued from Coryell County, relaxing in her own swimming pool. Her new family loves and adores her! Thank you ARC, True Hearts of Rottweiler Rescue and Magnificent Mutts for helping us give these wonderful dogs a second chance at life!



This is Jackie Neeley, one of those 74 happy adopters who choose the adoption option over the weekend. She adopted Mistofeles yesterday and both could not be happier!



I wanted you to see one of the Shih-Tzu rescues. My friend adopted him from the Houston SPCA on the Saturday after the big rescue. His name is Bentley and he is amazing. He is doing wonderfully and totally loves him dearly.

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