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The Story of Dash the Dog

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Animals come through the doors of the Houston SPCA every day, and each one has a unique and interesting story.  In the case of Dash, a 2 ½ year old Pomeranian mix, a kind soul found him and brought him into the Houston SPCA to help him have a second chance at life and love.  When our veterinary staff was in the process of giving Dash his routine medical evaluation, they discovered that he had been born blind. This birth defect caused his eyes to be shrunken in, making them a source of other possible problems.  In order for Dash to live a long and healthy life, the decision was made to surgically remove his sightless eyes.  Houston SPCA veterinarian Dr. Keidra Carvin performed the delicate surgery just a few days ago.  We are thrilled to say that Dash has recovered and is receiving the comfort and care he needs until he is adopted into his loving family.

In the short time Dash has called the Houston SPCA home, he has made many friends. The veterinary team describes him as friendly, affectionate, sweet and trusting.  Dr. Becky Rhoades, Director of Veterinary Services of the Houston SPCA, has owned two blind dogs that have both lived to be 15-years- old.  She says, “Life with a blind dog is no different than life with a dog that can see, except that you will need to be their guide and manage them, especially when they are out of their normal home environment.  They should never be outside of their own fenced in yards without a leash, as they will need to rely on you for their sense of sight. They will rely on their other senses and will adjust to their home surroundings.  They can also be housetrained and can use a doggie door if you have a fenced-in yard. They make wonderful companions and can live as normal and happy of a life as a dog that can see.”

The staff and volunteers at the Houston SPCA are happy to announce that our little friend Dash has been adopted into a lovely family. After seeing his story on the news, Julie, her husband and daughter Abby agreed he was the perfect fit for their family. Dash's seeing-eyed humans are excited to make his sightless life as colorful as possible!

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